Blog policy

– This blog has been created as part of the course requirements for Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media (SCS 2875) at the University of Toronto. It’s part of my Certificate in Strategic Public Relations.
– My commitment to readers is to be as transparent as possible and always aim to give credit where credit is due.
-The information I share in this blog reflects my individual thoughts and opinions. I cannot guarantee that all information is current or accurate, and will always aim to correct any mistakes via editing or posting the correct information as soon as possible.
-Especially in regards to health information, please consult your physician before using my personal observations or advice.
-Career advice is only my opinion. What has worked for me may not be right for you.
-Please notify me of any concerns regarding images and copyright.
-My blog contains links to other blogs/websites/videos etc. I am providing these links only as a reference and am not responsible for the content they contain.
-Feel free to share my blog content, however please provide author credit.
-If you wish to alter or build upon my work, I’m flattered, but please contact me for permission.

-Comments that appear on my blog are the responsibility of the comment author.
-All comments will be held for approval prior to being posted. I will do my best to approve posts within 24 hours.
-The purpose of this blog is to share my journey as a chronically ill person from university graduate to career professional, and encourage readers to do the same via comments and sharing relevant content. I respect the individuality and opinions of all readers/commenters. That being said, my hope is that all those who interact with this blog do so with respect toward the thoughts and opinions of others, myself included. Any comments that are hurtful, break any laws or drain the positive energy of this blog will be removed at my discretion.


2 thoughts on “Blog policy

  1. Jodie

    Hey Shelley! Was just told of your blog and really excited for it! Do you mind shooting me an email so we can connect & possibly collaborate with my blog & book? I think the more of us together providing support the better! Wishing you well!



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